How I Prepared for And Secured Three Software Engineering Summer Internship Positions in Big Tech Companies.

Summer 2019, I had just finished my sophomore year of college and declared CS as my major. Being a CS student, I had seen upper class students secure internships with big tech companies in Silicon Valley, and honestly the thought of having to prepare for a technical interview let alone secure a summer internship really scared me. At the time I had only taken basic CS and Math classes. I barely had any CS project on my portfolio and was not at all confident in my coding skills.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash
  • Being part of tech communities i.e. Rewriting the Code, Girls Who Code, Grace Hopper Scholarship, Code2040 (These communities played a big role in me getting access to recruiters as well as internship opportunities.)
  • Working on projects for my portfolio early! (Making sure the projects were interesting and portrayed my skills.)
  • Having a personal portfolio website that showcased my skills as well as projects! (This is highly recommended.)
  • Update your linkedin and make sure your resume includes all your accomplishments.
  • Be aggressive and reach out to recruiters for companies you are interested in!(I got 10 interviews from reaching out!)
  • Not giving up. (The whole internship search process can be such a stressful experience but not giving up and having a fighting spirit definitely takes you a long way!

Software engineer. I write about my journey, Machine Learning, Web application development and also Python!

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