Is 2021 the Year To Revive Your Dreams?

Photo by Alexis Fauvet on Unsplash

I began this year very excited and happy celebrating the end of the previous year which for me had been so hard, and overwhelming. The fact that I also celebrate my birthday on new years made it even more exciting. I felt like I was turning over a new leaf! Part of me was so hopeful and so energetic about planning for and finally starting to accomplish some of my goals, which unfortunately I had not achieved in 2020.

It has been fifteen days into 2021, and like many others I have been following the news as well as the current happenings. I have found myself contemplating many times whether this year is going to be any different from last year. See, the end of last year was filled with a lot of hope and good news: from the roll-out of the covid vaccine, to the beginning of school resumption for most countries(Students in my home country Kenya had been forced to stay at home for 9 months last year, so it was definitely a relief that they were resuming), to the winning of the presidency by Joe Biden after a long four years. All this events showed that potentially 2021, would be the year when most of us get to revive our dreams and start accomplishing them. 2021, would be the year we get to have some normalcy or at least have better lives.

So fifteen days later, and unfortunately the happenings of these previous two weeks seem to suggest otherwise. At this point I am probably convinced that even with the covid-19 vaccine, covid is something that we are going to have to live with again this year, especially with the recent discovery of new covid straints. Looking at the violent events at the capitol on January 6th, I am also certain that even with a new government taking over soon, America is still a long way from achieving the democracy and freedom that we have all for a long time been wanting. Countries are still marred by violence, I mean look at the elections in Uganda and how the citizens are unfortunately being affected.

We all can agree that all these events so far they do not necessarily bring hope. But should this be reason for giving up? Should this be the reason we fail to accomplish the better lives and normalcy that we want? One thing is for certain, no it should not. The power to change the future, lies in all our hands and if we all individually work towards it, we shall accomplish it. I have resolved to keep working on my dreams, keep working and keep hoping. And it is for this reason that 2021 is not cancelled!

So, as you look at this year, do not be afraid to dream. Do not be afraid to set goals and work towards them. Do not be afraid to hope. “ Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

Software engineer. I write about my journey, Machine Learning, Web application development and also Python!

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